• On the main menu, click “My Account
  • Create an account (If first time user)
  • Login if (already have an account)
  • Begin Learning: Go to All Modules
    • Module 1 (four chapters)
    • Module 2 (four chapters)
    • Module 3 (four chapters)
  • Take test
  • Download certificate.

Using the platform

Once you have created an account on the platform, you can log in from anywhere at anytime to take the courses. In case you are constrained for time, feel free to complete the courses in bits as your progress is saved in your account. Return and complete the courses at your convenience.

Certification and quality assurance.

For quality assurance, one can only proceed to the next module after completing the previous one. Take the short tests, a minimum score of 70% guarantees you a chance to take the next module. The test is simple and has been designed to test your general understanding at the end of each module. One can take the tests more than once.

Complete all the modules and download your certificate.

Wishing you the very best!

~ Law4Medics Team