About us

KMA’s Reproductive Health Committee has been engaging county governments and
doctors on legal and policy reforms on sexual and reproductive health and rights
(SRHR) at the county level. It was evident from our engagement that there was need to
further build the capacity of county health executives and healthcare professionals on
SRHR, devolution and its implications on health as well as law making processes at
national and county levels.
KMA has developed a CPD accredited online learning course that will address this
gaps. The online learning platform is a connected educational program that is
interactive, efficient and effective and utilizes both asynchronous as well as
synchronous opportunities to reach and empower the learners- combinations of online
and in-person learning opportunities.
The program focuses on health and devolution in Kenya, legislative framework on
SRHR in Kenya and meaningful public participation of health care providers on the

Law4Medics is the online learning platform for law and medical field. Here you will find online elearning  that will help you learn what you need to take you where you want to go, whether you are a professional humanitarian looking for career development, or a an practitioner in a local health facility.

We have grouped courses into learning pathways – combinations of online and in-person learning opportunities – that mean you do not need to know exactly what you want to learn. You only need to know who are and what you want to be.

What you will find here:

  • Online elearning content
  • Videos
  • Documents and files